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Beauty lies in the eyes of Beholder – is this really a true statement?

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Diwali: A festival that dispels our inner darkness and rekindles our hopes

"Diwali" originated from a Sanskrit word (Deepawali) which means “a row of lights. The festival unites all the religions together and signifies the triumph of light over darkness in all religions. The festival even marks the beginning of a new year for most of the Hindus. The festival historically symbolizes the triumph of Good over evil where all the people coming from different religions has some history behind which ultimately gives us one common lesson, that “Evil can never stand in front of good for long and has to end after a level

Thus, people celebrate this victory by lighting Diya, lamps, feast with friends and families, etc. Goddess Lakshmi is another universal factor which binds the people of all religions globally, hence people keeps their homes clean and decorated with lights, brighten lamps to welcome Goddess Lakshmi in their home and for happiness and prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi, who is known as the goddess of wealth is worshiped on this day where people ask he…

Why do we get stuck in life? 3 ways to get out of it

Many a times in life, we get stuck in such circumstances where we unable to think beyond our present dilemmas. These circumstances and our reactions to them determine our feelings. Have you ever found yourself lost, confused, completely stuck and drowning in mud? You want to move out of the situation but you are unable to. And then it further arise fear, anxiety and even depression. But what if you get to know that being stuck, or the situation is not actually a problem, but the problem indeed lies in how we perceive the situation. Being stuck is a label that we often give to a feeling, and then we start believing and accept this label for a longer period of time. We encounter such moments in life when nothing works, all are plans go up in smoke; and that is where the feeling of anxiety arises and we call it being stuck.
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Now the question is why do we stuck You feel stuck when your life takes entirely different path than you ever thought or planned of. You f…

You’re a Perfectionist, but that’s not a good news

1.refusal to accept any standard short of perfection.

While the idea of perfectionism might sound to come from a superior being, it has secretly become the elastic obstacle that keeps you down. Perfectionism, in its essential sense, is an unreasonable storm to get everything absolutely right. This makes it difficult, for all of us, to ultimately produce anything to start with.
Our sickness of perfectionism stretches our world of noble visions and mediocre reality, so far wide and open, that pursuing anything with a pinch of error feels like a sin. Our sense of perfectionism doesn’t just lie in our love lives, but at all our curved corners. Our problems do not ultimately arise as lie in our reckless tendencies to under-budget for the difficulties of achieving it.

The right target for our self-criticism is our premature perfectionism, which in no sense is useful to us as a species. Our accurate allowance for time and effort is dependent on a proper grasp of the inherent …

Father’s Day Special - Why Dad's love is unique

Why Dad’s love is Different? It’s not a secret that fathers are as important as mothers for a healthy child development, and at situations, even more.
‘Fatherhood is a unique and complex phenomenon, with a massive effect on children’s emotional and intellectual growth’ as per Psychology Today.
The reason behind the statement by Psychology Today is that the Mother’s love and Father’s love is qualitatively different. Fathers love dangerously, as their love is more expectant and instrumental. A father’s role is unique in child’s development, and regardless of the other factors, the role of a father cannot be replicated or replaced by any other entity.
There are several ways through which father’s presence makes a positive difference in a child’s life. Here are a few to mention;

Fathers parent differently Fathers carry a unique style of communication and interaction with their children. There is a difference in the parenting of a mother and father, and this variety provides children with a…

Hey, Confused? The answer lies in your intuition, know how

Your mind will answer most of the questions if you learn to relax in peace and wait for the answers. No matter how clear we are for our goals, at some time or other, we often find ourselves stuck in situations when choosing a right path becomes the most challenging task. Most of you must have heard several times about the power of human’s brain but it depends on our ability to make efficient use of that power. Some personalities try to get into the depth of almost everything to find answers, while some just listen, get the relevant or useful material from others and move on. So it depends on person to person how one is capable of using the brain power.
Courtesy: AK Mishra Library
From both the perspectives, whether spiritual or scientific, we have the power to foresee; that often comes in the form of intuition. The way we are blessed with the mind power to think, perceive, act, and perform other activities, similarly we are also blessed with intuitive powers. Every human being has thi…

7 Ways To Get Motivated & Start Taking Charge Of Your Life

While reading this post, you must have a long to-do list that might be popping up in your mind; may be your office work, family, kids, cleaning of house, etc. Although, we perform the same tasks every day, we still care to complete our day to day tasks and sadly we put off the things that actually make us feel balanced, healthier and happier. We often catch ourselves thinking, I’ll begin working out, will try new meal, will go out with loved ones, or I’ll begin working upon what I love the most when I’ll have more time. But, in truth, that MORE TIME never comes, because we get used to of this procrastination. Undoubtedly, we all are extremely busy in our lives, and in this hectic schedule, beings busy has become a convenient excuse. But ask yourself; is it really impossible to take out some time to do what we have been delaying since long? You know the answer! If you feel you are not in charge of your life; you must watch this video and actually follow these 7 steps to bring a real tr…

AK Mishra's Art of Success wishes all beautiful Mothers 'Happy Mothers Day' - Know your Parenting style based on your sun sign

On this mother’s Day, we did a deep research on zodiac signs and their characteristics. Although there is nothing right or wrong, as everyone has their own method and own parenting style, but your zodiac sign indeed makes a huge difference. And after this deep research, we can help you easily figure out your parenting style based on your zodiac sign.
Zodiac sign can reveal your strengths and weaknesses and say a lot about the way you raise your kids. On this mother’s day, we bring this post for all the mothers to help them understand their personality type and their parenting style in depth.  Though; our personal message to all the mothers; you are simply awesome in your own style!
Aries (March 21-April 19)
You want your children to know their boundaries and you make sure they grow up with appropriate behavior throughout their life. You like to set a kind of hierarchy in your family which you want your children to respect. Being a fire sign, you want respect from your children throughou…