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Gift yourself a good health and long life from today with these simple tips

It’s easier to say someone “live long life”, but there are some rules to actually make this phrase true. A healthy lifestyle is more like maintaining a car. Health is equally significant for everyone, whether you are a millionaire or a Gen-Xer. But the good news is, like any other thing in the world, we can take full charge of our health and can nurture and enhance it well with the right knowledge. Most of the information we gather from internet is mix of several diet plans, exercise, etc. and we find some new and different tips on different online sites which further brings confusion and we end up leaving all away and chose to live with ‘let it be” attitude.

Here is a list of ways through which one can indeed live a healthy life and add much more healthy years to life. Some of the healthy tips are taken directly from the World Health Organization, Doctors and Mayo Clinic.
Let’s dig into the wonderful ways to prolong your life right from today

Healthy diet is a key to healthy life
According to World Health Organization, one must avoid consumption of sodium and sugar in excess and rather should start consuming more vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and grains. Besides that, increasing social life and bringing a shift in one’s mindset from negative to positive takes one a step ahead towards a healthy living. Social life helps one cope up with traumas, reduce stress and encourage people to avoid unhealthy habits or lifestyles such as drinking, smoking etc.

Exercise regularly
Exercise undoubtedly must be added in your must-do list of every day. According to National Institute of Health, exercise for at least 2.5 hours per week increase life expectancy by around 4.5 years.

Take good sleep
In such hectic schedule of everyday life where people not only juggle to do well in professional front but also have to fulfill needs of personal relationships and hence often forget to give enough time to self.  Think of those times that you wasted sitting and staring at your phone, playing games during your off-the-clock hours. Time management is a must learn the art for everybody in today’s era. To take wiser decisions in life, one must have a peaceful mind which can only be attained through enough sleep and rest. Let’s dig into some powerful benefits of having good sleep;
•    8 hours of sleep everyday prevents cancer
•    It keeps heart healthy
•    It reduces stress
•    Helps one to stay fit and to lose unwanted weight
•    It reduces tension and risk of depression
•    Keeps skin and body healthy

Consume plenty of water everyday
Health is wealth! We all have heard this phrase most of the time. If we think about this phrase practically, we’ll find that this is so true. If you are healthy, you will not have to spend your old age paying your hospital bills. In order to stay healthy, water is required as it helps to clear out toxins from the body which causes several health problems. Besides, water moisturizes your joints and keeps you away from body aches and any other healthy ailments.

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